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Sunday, 18 November 2007

A Book of Significance

A Book of Significance - अ बुक ऑफ सिगनीफिकैनस

Often Astrologers find a need for a Ready Reckoner where they could find significances of various houses, signs, planets and nakshatra together. This book has filled that space. While giving useful information, it was also ket in focus to create an alphabetical directory to have a composite approach on this vast subject of astrology. As the name suggests this a Book of Significance for anyone in the field of astrology. A person will find useful information no matter what experience he holds or at what level he may be.

Price: US $ 22.95
Limited Period Offer: No shipping charges on purchases above US $ 50.00

पुस्तक खरीदने के लिए हमें ईमेल भेंजे, हम आपको आवश्यक लिंक भेज देंगे।
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