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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Talk to Your Lines: Palmistry

Talk to Your Lines: Palmistry - टॉक टू यॉर लाइनज़ - पामिस्ट्री

Often people come to me telling that they do not know their time of birth or more commonly their date of birth. My reply to them is "Haath to apka hi hai" means Your hands can tell your destiny even without your date of birth and time of birth. In my professional career, over the years, I have used Astrology and Palmistry as complimentary tools to give effective predictions. For the first time ever, a book is being presented that contains all illustrations that are real pictures.

Hindi version of this book is available here

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पुस्तक खरीदने के लिए हमें ईमेल भेंजे, हम आपको आवश्यक लिंक भेज देंगे।
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