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Sunday, 18 October 2009

व्यवसाय विश्लेषण (Career Analysis / Career Counselling)

How your career would be coming years – A detailed analysis

You can choose option of:
* 10 year analysisUS $ 349.00
* 5 year analysisUS $ 189.00

Detailed analysis of:
* What to expect in next 5/10 year
* Precautions to be taken
* Moves to make in coming years (as per the package opted)

To help us serve you better:
We would appreciate if you could furnish the underneath information forehand.
* Your current profession/occupation
* For how long you are in this profession/occupation
* Any specific future career plans you have in mind.

(This information will help in verification of your horoscope. Also this will help in giving you the right guidance.)

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