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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ताकि सनद रहे For records

Yet astrology wins!

For those who missed the article of mine: India: Visible Trends of Samwat 2064 (Year 2007 – 2008), here are few excerpts. Though U may read full article at

It was first published on 13th March 2007.

… India is all set to set new standards in IT, Communication and Space programmes despite some early hick ups. India can also fetch good business in global market with its communication and space programmes…
And these are excerpts from Infact for last many days I was looking for such news to come in.
ISRO does an Italian job
Sriharikota, April 23, 2007
First Published: 11:34 IST(23/4/2007)
Last Updated: 20:08 IST(23/4/2007)

India’s first flight into the world of commercial space launches was accomplished without much ado when the PSLV-C8 launched the Italian Space Agency’s AGILE satellite in a flawless operation…… "It was a precise textbook launch which has once again proved the reliability, cost effectiveness and on time delivery of our space launch system," said a thrilled ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair……Today’s flight marked the 10 consecutive successful flight for the PSLV proving that the launcher has indeed settled down as ISRO’s dependable workhorse. This augurs well for the country’s moon mission in 2008, which will be riding on the proven strength of the PSLV and also for the country’s future commercial launches.
Though ISRO had launched small scientific satellites of other countries in the past - six to be exact – for a small fee today’s exercise marked its first commercial launch.

Hope says all about the prediction and Astrology!

Another Prediction comes true

In my article
India: Visible Trends of Samwat 2064 (Year 2007 – 2008), first published on 13th March 2007, at

I had clearly mentioned the fate of elections. Some excerpts underneath for reference.

… Some states have already experienced change in Govt where ruling parties were thrown out by the common man, now other elections & states will soon see the same trends!...

Since this prediction:
Ruling party Congress was thrown out in MCD elections

Yet again as predicted, Uttar Pradesh’s voters have thrown out the ruling Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party! What is interesting to find is it’s a clear mandate after 16 years in UP, where no alliances are required to get into the Legislative Assembly!
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