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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Men chosen by Destiny

Today early morning I tweeted –

Whenever I think about Amitabh Bachchan or Tendulkar a thought arrives "Man Chosen by Destiny" - When destiny choose U, rest assured...

Same were the words when I posted my article – Federer: The Man Chosen by Destiny

Am I trying to undermine the hard work, perseverance and achievements of these all time greats? Or am I trying to underline something that made them all time Greats! Let’s have a healthy discussion!

Today, when I look at Amitabh Bachchan movies of the era that were making him “Superstar of the Millennium”, a thought arises. “Were these the movies that were driving me crazy, to run around video libraries, or making my parents, uncles stand in big lines to buy 1 movie ticket!” There have been so many great works that went unnoticed during those years. Yet, the truth is, “Of course we were gone crazy in those years”

Again when I look at Sachin Tendulkar, his records, his achievements, that make many other greats of cricket look small in front of this “Little Master”, my brain puts me to a question “Is he the only capable one in the game of cricket or in Indian cricket to achieve, what he achieved!” Many of us know few other cricketers who started their International Cricket career alongside him and had much better domestic records than he held. Yet, the truth is, “He is still there, else are all gone”

For a simple reason – Destiny chose them to rise to the levels they stand today! They are the Men (People) chosen by Destiny!

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