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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Astrology and Marma Therapy - Two Branches of Vedas come together

Astrology and Marma both require no introduction. They have been recognized part of human lives at least since the times recorded history is available. As the facts are, we can be ignorant about few things in life but can’t overlook them.
But right now, my area of discussion is how bringing two branches of Vedas together can help a common man. The answer could be “In more than many ways” or “Live a better life”. Let’s try and understand the idea behind.

Onset of disease

Most of the times, a disease remains in human body in a hidden form. And when the external symptoms start appearing, it’s too late in many cases. For example in case of cancer, diabetes external symptoms appear at much later stages. Such illnesses cannot be cured but only managed through conventional medical system.
Marma can surely help in prevention by revoking the re-generative system in body itself, and astrology can help a practitioner by timing a possible onset of such diseases.
Looking further, with the help of Astrology, it can be timed years ahead that how a body will be (Vat/Pitt/Kuff) during a particular phase of life. Knowing that well in advance can help a Vaidya (Marma Therapist) plan a line of treatment.

Recovery from a disease

Many times, we must have seen that a disease looks mere that can be cured within a maximum span of seven days. But the body of a patient does not respond in the way a therapist thought. In such cases, I have seen doctors either increase the potency of medicine or sometimes even turn to steroids. Patients unknowingly, keep on taking such medicines/drugs and later find their body getting irresponsive to them too. In other cases, medicines deliver some side effects, thus one disease leading to another one.
Further, in many cases when a patient does not get cured at a promised time, he loses hope and moves from one therapist to another. This results in making health conditions more complicated.
Since Astrology deals with timing of events in one’s life, an astrologer can safely time the time of recovery. This not only helps a therapist in planning a line of action in treatment but also helps a patient in confidence building.

Relapse of a disease

Relapse of a disease is a much known term among medical practitioners. But seldom can they be sure whether in a particular case relapse will occur or not. Thus they cannot put every case to post cure management for a small number of cases have relapse of disease. Relapses can occur from a minor throat infection or a fever to major diseases like cancer etc. Further, relapses make medical conditions more vulnerable in many cases and certainly prolong the period of total recovery.
Astrology has an answer to such situations. By bringing two branches of Vedas together, a therapist can know the cases where relapse will occur and plan a post-cure management to avoid such an event.

Compliance of a patient

This is much known term for a medical practitioner than the outside world. Despite this, a therapist is unable to do much about it. This happens for a simple reason.  Even the doctor/therapist comes to know about non-compliance of a patient when they come back and give their feedback.
The first feedback they give is ‘I was not benefitted out your therapy or line of treatment.”
But when practitioner searches in depth of the situation, finds that either the patient or the attendant (in case of small children) were lacking the fair amount of compliance. Either the patients were not doing things in right amount of times suggested or were not doing in the advised frequency.
For example: If a Marma therapist advises a person to stimulate a particular Marma 10 times in one session and 3 times a day. But the patient at his own will was just pressing it 1-2 times in a session that too only once a day. After a week he will come complaining “Dr Sahib I have not got the results you have promised” He will never disclose his failure on account of compliance unless inquired deeply by the therapist.
But in all cases compliance or Non-compliance can be well judged fore-hand with the help of Astrology. This provides a therapist with a cutting edge, where he can handle such cases more smartly well in advance.

Factors beyond human control

At some point in our life, we all tend to agree that the Joy we have, the sorrows we suffer, the pain we undergo is result of our own karmas. Yet we remain ignorant to this fact. I will discuss this in details.
When it comes to making a statement, we commonly say “Humne hi kuchh kiya hoga jiska phal bhog rahe hain” means we must have done something in past and now we are facing the consequences. But the truth is that it is more of a hypocritical statement than a real one. When it comes to admitting the fact that if joys were results of our acts so does the diseases or sorrows are, we tend to become ignorant.
In Bhagvad Geeta Lord Krishna clearly state – Just as a calf recognize its mother in a herd of cows, the results of one’s karmas are safeguarded by the law of nature and reach the doer of the act, no matter where he is.
We need to understand that at times reasons for diseases needs to found beyond biological boundaries. Astrology is a true device for that. Doing remedies for the super-natural factors may not directly cure a disease, as some may question. But certainly it paves the way. When medicines don’t work despite perfect biological conditions, Astrology has the answer.

Creating the Biological environment

In continuation to what I was discussing above, Astrology also helps is creating a Biological environment.  It works as a catalyst. This helps in fastening the recovery process.

It’s Re-Union and not Union

As I started my discussion with, Astrology and Marma need no introduction. It is well known that Marma is a core part of Ayurveda.
Astrology and Ayurveda were always together. For those who disbelief, I can’t help. Ignoring facts does not change facts. Ayurveda clearly defines the time of plucking of herbs, the time of making a particular medicine, time to start medication (in some cases). And when we say a phrase “time” we tend to indicate “Tithis” or the position of planets and stars or in other words Astronomical positions in our Zodiac.
So, Astrology and Ayurveda were always together. 500 years of Indian slavery to Mughals and British did harm to our Vedic culture. Nor did the manuscripts were destroyed but also the culture of looking within our Vedas was also lost.


Far more tragic is the fact that when we turn/look towards our Vedic Sciences, which is mother of all modern sciences, we are termed as backward and outclassed. We are more moved by the fact, what people will think about us. The people, who don’t matter much when we are suffering the pain, force us take the vulnerable decisions in our lives.
It’s the time when we must acknowledge the work done by our Maharishis towards the service of mankind and take a step forward to help ourselves, our society and the entire mankind.

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