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Monday, May 24, 2010

Destiny or Freewill – The Grey Area

In recent days many events happened where my clients came to me in state of dilemma – Destiny or Freewill. It’s not so that every time we are walking on a chosen side. In fact more than often we walk in a grey area believing that we had made a choice. And what happens then…

If something great happens - “I did it”

And if something unpleasant happens
“I am born unlucky”
“Whatever I would have done I would have landed here because this was my Destiny”
Or a far better version remains “Astrologer was unable to make the right prediction”

But who suffered the ultimate loss!

We often forget two things –
* Warnings issued by Astrologer
* And wrong choices made by us

This is what I call – The Freewill factor.

Although some would be trying to hide behind a thought - This is Destiny that did not let us choose the other path or make a right choice. CAN’T HELP THOSE!

But for others it’s time to move on and have a bigger horizon.

Often destiny brings us to crossroads and asks us to make a choice. We may be tempted by an easier one but choosing the right path becomes a deciding factor.

Like in middle of night at 3 I had two choices – One, to enjoy a comfortable sleep
Or second, to wake up and put my thought across to the readers!
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