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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Perfect Match?

Often this dilemma catches us? Where the answer lays?

During my learning years, though I am still a student of the subject, I asked my guru ji about how to identify the right one.  His answer was smarter than my knowledge then – “Look for the RIGHT clues!”

My Guru Ji often defined couple as – “Two enemies living under the same roof!” During those years we used to laugh loud on hearing it. Today – I look to the deeper aspects of his statement.

Two people get together because they are different in many ways. Together they feel to complement each other. Yet they look for some common interests, likes-dislikes, mental wave length and much more…

Once married and as the life grinds, the focus shifts from common interest to the diversities in personality – “You are not the person I knew…” - And they become “Two enemies living…”

Yet few marriages survive and few just fall apart – Answer lays in the RIGHT CLUES!

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