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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Experiences with Astrology

This is an unedited letter from one of my clients Mr. S.... sent to me on 7th October 2011. He wrote it so poetically that it became worth sharing.

Here it is -

Good things come to people who wait.......yah right!!! But no one mentions how one is meant to spend this waiting time to avoid the path of self destruction.  I guess that is where astrology has played a major role in my life in the last two years.

One does all the right things, place themselves in a good position to succeed yet they have to bite their time to get what they want. How long is that wait? and how hard to bite or not bite at all is where astrology comes into it.

But I feel it is critical to use it only as a supporting structure and not as the foundation of how one thinks. I had several instances where the helplessness of the situation and the surrounding circumstances made me a cripple who couldn’t walk anywhere without the support of astrology. One should not lose focus of the fact that at the end of the day, they hold the remote to how to say a thing, how to come to conclusions and how they want to lead their life.

Standing on top of a cliff, one knows not to jump, well at least not without a parachute. But what if astrology says nothing will happen to you and you will fall into a comfortable puddle. Sure now the thinking changes.

The most important lesson learnt is to get to know your astrologer and then trust his interpretations. Could I have been sitting in Germany, could I have been playing professional cricket? God knows, I still might, but this new phase is not half bad.

It feels like I am the actor of the movie limitless, only in my case the pill was astrological advice. There might be bugs, there might be side effects, but it is in my hands to figure out the right dosage and work my way through the bugs and side effects.  
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