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Thursday, September 20, 2007

India: Visible Trends of Samwat 2064 (Year 2007 – 2008)

Samwat 2064: begins 19th March 2007 at 08:12:27 hrs IST

A Year where economy in general is growing yet full of agitations, riots, uneasiness amongst common man, as I could foresee the samwat 2064!

While on one hand India would be growing in global scenario, it would be facing some major challenges within its boundaries on the other. India’s Foreign policy will be widely accepted and it will get support all over! On one hand India will get into some major agreements related to business and finances with its neighbours, on other peace talks may take some hit but erotic behaviours from few countries, Bangladesh & Pakistan in particular!

Business, money market seems to be growing during this samwat! Stock markets will keep rising despite some unfolded scandals. Expect some new scandals uprooted during this year which may lead to instability amongst common man, lock horns within coalition partners and more!

Some states have already experienced change in Govt where ruling parties were thrown out by the common man, now other elections & states will soon see the same trends! But for me outlook would be whether centre can see through this phase! Politicians are the worst hit this year other than Media & Transport Industry.

India is all set to set new standards in IT, Communication and Space programmes despite some early hick ups. India can also fetch good business in global market with its communication and space programmes. Media Industry in India could see some, long expected, limitations imposed on it.

In sports, Indians are all ready to lift few trophies, awards to get attention and recognition world over. May I use my column to warn respective sports authorities to be alert enough so that there success tastes are not bitter by unfolded scandals etc!

I wonder if this samwat will again be marked with floods and draughts! Hope some day major rivers get connected to find a solution to this challenge!

I wish months of Apr, May, Sept 2007 don’t find some mass killing, explosions or agitations!

(Written on 10th March 2007 at 13:46pm)
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