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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Astrology just a Scientific analysis?

(This has been my favourite article all these years. Most of my Astrology students have read it)

Today 3rd January 2001. For last 13 years I have been associated with occult sciences. Looking back, even I don’t remember how many palms or horoscope I would have gone through during all these years. In beginning, I remember I was in a different zone to see more hands, new hands. So much so that I remember even seeing few hands forcibly!
Whenever I predicted and things turned out to be true, I got appraisal and the most common comment was “Truly it’s a science”. I always kept quiet and thought in core of my heart “Is it just a science?” Okay I ask you a question ”Can we predict only on the basis of scientific principles?” Hopefully most of you would have replied “NO”. So what else is working along! THINK!
There are three major aspects of occult sciences:
• Most significant and most important – Devotion towards God
• The scientific analysis
• And the most ignored part – Art of Analysis and predicting.
Lets discus all three one by one.
The most important factor I consider is the Devotion towards almighty, being attached to God. It hardly matter which region you are from or which form of God you believe in. Important is to be in LINK with that Almighty, whose will you are about to read! Whenever I discus this matter in a group, at first I always get sharp reaction. “All planets are placed in their houses, if we come to know lagna and bhavas, anybody can predict. Where this devotion came from!” I’m always ready for such reactions. I immediately ask
“Have you ever heard or experienced that a person without even looking at a horoscope told something that came out to be true?”
Almost everyone accept it.

My immediate next question is
‘How this happens?”
And the replies are
“Must have achieved some Siddhi (mastering supernatural)”
“Intuitions” “Blessings of God”
And I never need to explain anything after that!
Remember, God does not reside in buildings. In fact HE resides in our body, close to our Soul. All one needs is to find that Almighty. Recently a saint told me “You can find god not by going anywhere but by knowing HIM” “Just like hunger can only be felt and not shown to anybody, You can only experience GOD within” “GOD is not to be seen with physical eyes. It is to be seen with EYES that see hunger and then satisfaction (after taking food)”
In Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) rides an owl. But when She travels along Lord Vishnu (God of Righteousness), She rides Garuda (The king of Birds). What does that mean:
A person who runs after money has character and personality like an Owl. But a person who follows path of religion, wealth follows on its own that too with – Strength, health, knowledge and wisdom.
That is why while talking about Occult sciences we can not overlook religion and devotion. A Good astrologer is one who has strong belief in God and knows that he is a mere subject of that Almighty. Undoubtedly another aspect is the scientific analysis. I need not discus much about this subject right now. Market place is full of books talking on various branches of occult sciences.
Third aspect that is most ignored is Creative Analytical Astrology. My Jyotish Guru call it “Romance with Astrology” We might sound clumsy, but its true.
We often talk about Desh – Kaal – Paatr (person’s age, socio-economic background and the region or society he belongs to) But while analysing things we tend to forget or better say ignore it. When people ignore it and do blunders while making predictions, they do no good to these sciences. Just to explain what I and my Jyotish Guru intend to explain, I tell you an instance.
It was in May 1999. Early evening a female in her mid ages (around 50 yrs) visited me. Early in my career I made a practice to judge querist’s question. After observing her hand for almost 15-20 minutes, I spoke my first words.
“Do your husband have an extra marital affair?”
The female was shocked. This was the reason she actually came to me.
Now, you might be thinking how I gave that prediction. This what we call “Creative Analytical Astrology” or “Romance with Astrology” Its simple. We tend to see what is in front of us. Learn to see what is hidden beneath.
What I noticed in her hand was as follows:
• She is emotional
• She is not aggressive or offensive by nature
• She has some problem related to her husband

Knowing that problem was from husband’s side, I noticed following:
• Husband has no problems with health
• Her children are healthy and have positive attitude towards her
• There are no daily disputes in her family life
• She is well to do financially
When I collectively analysed that she is having problem from husband’s side and none of the above challenges exist, the only possibility arises is that her husband is keeping an extra marital relation. Interestingly, the female told that whole family knew about it. But they never ever discussed or created dispute over the issue in house. But still the female was hurt some where inside. And her hand reflected that out!

(From my book: Talk to Your Lines)
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