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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Destiny and Freewill

Many times people think that they have been driving the vehicle of their destiny. Let them feel so! But the truth is “Destiny Drives Us in the Vehicle!” It takes us where it wants to. So an intelligent question arises “What’s the use of Astrology? If everything was predestined what & where comes the need for Astrology?”

Lets have a healthy discussion!

As I always say “Everybody in the world except an astrologer is blind.” Here I need to specify two facts. Firstly the term astrologer includes anybody and everybody who is blessed with knowledge of any occult science. Second is more important and significant. The term Astrologer, I use, DOES NOT AT ALL include any one and everyone who is making fool of society by pretending to be a learned astrologer and fooling them for mere financial interests.

Lets try to understand:

Destiny is like a football game. Laid out boundaries to play within, clearly laid out rules. There is nothing as such Grey Matter. Yet under time of stress or under specific needs players tend to brake rules. Some who sense opportunities well, tend to utilise it in fruitful manner and thus score well.My point to explain is that there always remains the room of freewill within the framework of Destiny. Therefore an astrologer is the only one with vision, the vision to foresee the framework of individual’s destiny. Astrologer thereby through good analysis of this framework can help individual set his social, financial, material and spiritual targets and help him achieve them as well with minimum efforts.

I often explain it like – Astrology helps individual to swim with the water stream. Yet anybody want to be adventurous - Swim against the stream. Waste of time and energy is assured if not drowning.

Yet I leave this discussion open to every individual’s own perception of destiny and freewill. I can only explain facts not make anyone understand it.

Sanjay Gulati “Musafir”

(From my book: Getting Basics Right)
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