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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Trunk of Ganesha

(Read Hindi version here) (इसका हिन्दी प्रारूप यहाँ देखें)

Ganesha is probably one of the most worshiped God in Indian mythology. With increasing popularity & demand market is full of idols in different shapes, sizes and poses!

Everything was going fine for centuries until in recent years Almighty himself started playing games with his disciples. I would have loved watching the play had he not involved me in the game. Every now & then I receive a call from my clients’ world over “Which side the trunk of Ganesha should be turned?” I don’t have any answer and just for two simple reasons:

* First that it’s just a myth. For years all was going well until few frauds for their own benefits started promoting it. No matter how much I try to explain to my clients, they are more convinced with someone’s somebody’s version!

* Second and more obvious reason is that by telling my clients which way the trunk should be, I don’t want to be the part of those frauds, who have already done sufficient damage to the beliefs of common man!

So all I can do is to pray to Lord Vaktratunda (name of Lord Ganesha, meaning bent trunk) to please straighten up his trunk and thus ending this controversy once and forever!
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