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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Outcome of Finals of T20 World Cup

Subcontinent can not ask a better treat in T20 world cup than a Final match between India and Pakistan. Both nations could be friends off field. But when it comes to Cricket or Hockey, it always is a pressure game. As the time is narrowing it is taking on nerves of every follower of games!

As we were watching news coverage, my wife asked me – “Will India win tomorrow? I am confident that India will win!”

My obvious reaction was rush to watch to record the time! It was 20:47 hrs IST on 23rd September 2007.

The stage for me was set to predict!

And as I foresee:
* India may (the word is “may”) win the toss
* Definitely, India will be benefitted out of the toss
* Some controversial Umpiring will be there!
* Totally one-sided match
* And, Indian Team will lift the Glory & Trophy

So, let’s hold our nerves to watch another pressure match.

Some will enjoy batting, other the bowling. But I will only learn!

Every prediction and its outcome becomes learning for me!

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