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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pakistan: Can they learn something from India

If my readers remember I have already discussed some erotic changes in & by Pakistan and Bangladesh, while predicting about Samwat 2064. No need to specify about Bangladesh and Pakistan situation at present. Then in recent articles I mentioned Independence of India & Pakistan on the two ends of a same day!

But why I am mentioning it – I call it Romancing in Astrology! They might succeed, they might fail! But as I always tell my students romance but within the framework of basics of astrology – and eliminate the failures!

Since both nations got Independence on the same day, basic complexion of planetary positions are same. I need to specify, going into finer details, one will find totally different horoscopes!

Presently, Pakistan is running into Dasha of Ketu/Mercury that started Dec 2006. India saw this phase from Sept 1988 to Sept 1989. That was the time when Rajiv Gandhi was completing his term as PM and a lot was being said and taken up about his leadership. Also it was the time when an air of uneasiness against his leadership was there. But Nehru/Gandhi family has always enjoyed the status of a Royal family in Indian Politics.

Well my point is does Pakistan has something to learn about from what India faced during those years and consequently after that! Do I need to remind about sending army to Lanka and later living the consequences!
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