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Friday, October 23, 2009

रेकी Reiki – some common Myth

रेकी – कुछ आम भ्रांतियाँ
More than often people stop practicing Reiki after few days/months/years. They have innumerable reasons to do so, starting from “Time constraint” to “It didn’t help/work”.

More interesting fact is that almost all want to give it another try or better say “Restart”. But now they land up primarily with three questions:
* Is Reiki still invoked?
* I need to learn all again?
* I forgot the procedure, how will I do?

And then the most peculiar one(s):
* I don’t have any feeling while practicing Reiki?
* Was I properly attuned by my master?

If you are stuck with any such questions – Congratulations – You are on the Right crossroad. All you need is to pick the right road now!

What actually happens!

We get so over indulged with procedures and all that we forget one basic fact – Almighty has chosen you to be a mediator between HIM and You/world.

Did you learn to ask prayers from somebody? NO. Then where they come from?

Thanks – You have answered all your questions by yourself. Let healing flow from where prayers come!

Someone said it Right “I can always pray for someone when I can’t help him/her”
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