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Monday, October 1, 2007

“Chak De India” चक दे इण्डिया

As I was running through one of the national newspapers this morning, it read “One more Chak De moment in the spring of Indian sport”

It also listed few of the achievements by Indian teams. They are:

Football: On August 29, India beat Syria to win the Nehru Cup
Hockey: On Sept 9, India thrash South Korea 7-2 to become Asian Champions
Cricket: On Sept 24, Dhoni’s devils lift T20 world championship
Chess: On Sept 30, Vishwanathan Anand becomes world champion

When I wrote, on March 13 2007, about a good samwat ahead for Indian Sports

“In sports, Indians are all ready to lift few trophies, awards to get attention and recognition world over...”

Most would have only thought of Team India lifting ODI Cricket world cup. But I was more than sure that that won’t happen! One of my friends asked me will India win the world cup – and as the planets were, it was never on cards! “My answer was anyone but not India”

A lot of queries flew in asking that you predicted Indian lifting trophy and nothing has happened! I kept a calm silence! Most of the times Astrologer need not answer as planets talk for them! Unlike most others for me sports is not confined to cricket. Despite a keen follower of the game, I never get so involved to the extent of getting anxiety or depression!

Honestly! You may even get confirmed! Dhoni or any of his team-member didn’t part any penny from the millions they earned! Neither I could go and console Indian Hockey team players that despite creating a history of hitting maximum number of goals and a thumping victory – You people are still fighting for bread and butter! I was just wondering, on both occasions, how fast will it get erased from people’s mind! Unfortunately for Hockey Team it was erased faster than even they could have anticipated!

The Victory – that made “Chak De” a Sporting Anthem for Indian Sports is yet to be duly recognised!
And as is said Justice delayed is Justice DENIED.

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  1. Dear Sanjay jee.
    I agree with your observations.As is rightly said Jo Jeeta wohi Sikander. But how long this good phase of indian sports continue.Will it improve further.


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