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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Unsolved Mysteries कुछ अनसुलझे सवाल

Do mind my words, as I tell most of my clients, because once you mind the words then only you allow words to penetrate deep into the core of your heart. And that is the place I’m looking for my words – Deep into your Heart!

In recent years I have noticed a trend - A trend of changing beliefs and Ideology.
If you don’t want to believe me no matter, probably you are in a different trend set these days, but will soon come to mine. Some call it boasting upon myself but I know its my belief in myself, belief in truth, belief in what my Jyotish-Guru imparted in me.

Whom to worship
It would be more understandable to all connected to Hinduism in one or another manner. This is all post Ramayana and Mahabharata serial era in India.

Around 15 yrs back I remember a friend of mine telling me very casually that these days Lord Ganesha has started picking up the trend. As my first reaction to such statements I just smiled. But it was not that casual on his part. It’s not right to say but the truth is Lord Ganesha worship picked up. Lord Ganesha became more popular than any other Hindu Gods. More and more Ganesha idols and poses were hitting market stands everyday. As my belly started growing with my sedentary lifestyle, I also became lover of Ganesha Idols. I don’t know what people loved but I loved his beautiful belly which is similar to mine.

But as the belief grew, so grew a controversy. Which side Lord Ganesha trunk should ideally be turned to? Can you tell as I can’t tell even on this day!

I am so afraid of facing this question and getting into a discussion where questioner has heard something from somebody, who heard from somebody, who has heard somebody telling it somewhere!

Whenever Lord Ganesha is part of discussion, I come across two questions. First, Is it good to place Lord Ganesha Idol at the entrance of a house? I know it’s a common trend in many parts of southern India and particularly popular with Maratha people. From there it has been picked up. And, the immediate question after my “Yes” is: Which side the trunk should be turning to – Right or Left? Anybody who knows a justified, authentic answer, please oblige! Honestly I don’t know or probably I believe it is not that important.

Well, this controversy was probably one of the reasons that made Lord Ganesha lesser popular with followers like Seasonal Mushroom that disappear as fast as they appear with early showers! Those with spiritual needs never change ideologies.

As the trends changed and came in Shani Maharaj (Saturn). As being promoted, Saturn is the ruler of Kalyug, the modern world. While the trend is still in its very youth with new Shani Mandir(s) coming up for Shani-Abhishek and for offering mustard oil every Saturday, a roll back has begun.

Hanuman Ji have started regaining his old popularity, that I saw in my childhood, amongst the ‘seasonal mushrooms’. Who is next, even I don’t know…

Vastu: The truth behind
Astrology has been always there.
1. We can start from Lord Rama choosing a time to invade Ravana.
2. Karna foretelling the outcome of Mahabharata on the basis of Astrological principles.
3. Indian Royal courts always had Astrologers for getting counseled for various matters.
4. Most of the ancient civilizations had been practicing Astrology
5. Choice of India’s time and date of Independence, though within a allotted time zone.
6. Decleration of Indian Constitution
7. Most Oath taking ceremonies by Prime Minister and Chief Ministers

Where I want to point is the changing trends in belief(s).

I put up a real story or better say a fact statement.

I have 3 paternal uncles. In 1977 my 2nd uncle got married and we shifted to this new house for a bigger space! Talking about immediate family, we were 5 in all – My father, mother, myself and my two sisters. For many years we five lived in one room in that new house. I must say it was the most beautiful room in the world. I do open doors of that room and have a look at those times, whenever I happen to visit my ancestral house! But you know what size of that room was! Only people of my age group or older would easily believe me!

To give you an exact picture of the size & comfort: After placing the double bed of size 6 ft x 6 ft besides one wall, hardy any space was left to walk on either side of the bed. We used to move side wards to get in and out of the room! That room was smaller than the toilet I use today. Best feature of the room was, when it rained, it rained in our room also.

But why I am telling you the entire story! There is a genuine reason to it!

Can somebody explain me where was the room for VASTU in that room.
- Which side head should be?
- Which direction the ‘Puja’ (small temple in a house) should be?
- Which direction cash box should be? Which side should it open?
- Which side study table should be?

Honestly we never knew all that VASTU in those years. Even if we knew all that – We had NO CHOICE. Today when I try to remember all the set up, I know nothing was in tune to Vastu tips I give to my clients these days.

Yet another question arises. Were we doing well in those years? The answer is DEFINITELY YES. My father was growing in his business. My both parents kept good health all those years. The only challenge was that we (me and my sisters) developed a bad habit – a habit of topping every exam we took! And this challenge yet continues.

This does not mean that Vastu is not important. Definitely it is. I can present testimonies where, with my advices of minor rectifications in vastu, that does not involve moving a single brick at times, people had gains they were looking for! Further, I feel proud to inform most of the big temples and forts in earlier eras can been seen as good examples of Vastu.

So the unsolved mystery remains: Is Vastu only for people with choices and not for all?
Or it has been made exceedingly popular by the sick media and seasonal mushrooms. Both always look forward to something new to hype about!

The Feng Shui Mystery
As Vastu became popular, budding marketers were under pressure to bring in something new. It essentially must do with sentiments and impulsive buying. So they found the right one Feng Shui.

One night I slept everything was absolutely fine. But next morning when I woke I found my house was good with vastu but had some problems as per Feng Shui. The flow of two energies Yin & Yen, as Feng Shui deals with, was not correct. It was attracting negative energy inside the house.

Luckily this time I don’t have to reconstruct my house as per the advise of ‘VastuMan’. No wall was to be moved. The ‘FengShuMan’ had solutions readily available for me. He saved my money by eliminating hazardous re-construction. What more, by placing some right things at right places brought in promise of Wealth and prosperity! But, to whom was not the question at that time. The ‘FengSuiMen’ became wealthier; I became or not was never in the asking!

Feng Shui helps or not is not the question. But is it applicable universally has always been my question.

Here I feel it important to say that I don’t question authenticity just by sitting outside. I studied Feng Shui and what I observed is that what could be right in one civilization can’t be right in the other one. I quote you easier examples from other world to explain my point.

In Vastu it is advised to offer prayers with face towards North or East. In Muslim community, prayers are offered by facing west for a simple valid reason that Mecca is in that direction. So who is wrong? Answer is very easy ‘Both are Right’. The only difference is different communities, different beliefs and values.

Same is what I found with Feng Shui. If you study Feng Shui keeping Chinese civilization in mind, all sounds right, but not in India.

If you happen to visit my office any of these days, you will find ‘Laughing Budha(s)’ placed on my table. Not because they will bring me wealth or prosperity, but for a simple reason they also have similar belly as I have. When my daughter teases me, I tease them all!

Quiz Time:
Did you notice recently many people are placing Laughing Buddha at entrances instead of Lord Ganesh! Can you guess why?

Simple, it eliminates buying hazard! They don’t have any trunk to move on either side. Still they promise wealth and good luck as Ganpati do! Please don’t pity on the Seasonal Mushrooms!

The Mystery of Names
Numerology is another zone that fascinates me! I will buy house, cars of my lucky numbers and would take best possible effort to assure that this is all done on a day that suits my number. I have been so benefited by Numerology that I will change my spouse’s, my children’s, my firm’s, my brand’s name that match with my number and prove lucky. Don’t get surprised by that. It was not a big deal for me when I could easily add or remove an alphabet or two in my name if the entire name was not changed. You know the idea behind is to put everything under my Good Luck scheme.

It works or not is not my headache. I have to do it because I have seen others doing it. Were they fools to do that. They must have done because they must have seen somebody being benefited. And someone’s somebody goes on & on…

The little knowledge I have, it works on calculations done on the basis of date of birth and popular name.

Now, I present an example to put up my point. Please read the following names
But in Hindi they all will be written as अशोक until the pronunciations also change.

Which means Numerology is applicable only in the English speaking world. What about other languages? With time and efforts formulas can be devised that are applicable with other languages also. Even then the challenge remains in which language the name should be changed, because they won’t appear same in all languages!

Until this mystery is solved I would prefer to hear and read Kiran as Kiran (किरण) and not anything else! Accept for that by Shahrukh Khan that sounds KKKKiran क...क...क...क...किरन!
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