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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rain-Rain come again…

For almost 4-5 yrs now, I don’t work much on mundane and meteorology.

As far as rains are concerned my predictions will primarily be confined to Delhi, as I am placed in Delhi. Predicting about rains require lots of local observations from time to time. One can not merely survive on formulae based astrology for long. It requires lots of logic and reasoning.

For last week or so I have been working on possible time of (actual) rains (or say monsoon) to arrive in Delhi.

Here are observations I made:

From 18th July 2009 – Delhi and surrounding areas will get some relief from intense heat. Winds will blow, but rains…?

21st July midnight or around that time Delhi will experience good rainfall, and will continue to experience for almost a month after that!

Till then I can only say “Rain-Rain come again…”

Read Hindi version of this article here.

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