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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Federer: The Man Chosen by Destiny

Federer has won Wimbledon - His 15th Grand Slam! I wanted him to win!

Most People, including some greats in the field of astrology, wrote him off last year, when he lost to Nadal. But my senses told me different. It was his time - His Era was not over yet! Great achievements are accomplished in such times!

I predicted him to win last year but he lost. His phase was not over yet, so couldn't his Era. His dasha promised that he will bounce back and set some new milestones!

This year he achieved what he couldn't in his entire career - The French Open.

But my eyes were on his Wimbledon victory.

It was 21:27 IST today when Federer was up 1-0 in fifth set, when I asked myself a question - Will he be the man chosen by destiny! Honestly, the answer came "No". I forgot a basic fact that astrologer can't put a question by himself. So my analysis was about to go wrong.

Federer, as his dasha promised, emerged Champion. He has 15 grand slams under his belt, most by any man so far. He is back to no. 1 in the Tennis world. Deserving so as he is the Man chosen by Destiny!
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