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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The fourth dimension of human existence

For last many days I was unable to put my thoughts to words. As I always affirm that Astrologer is also a subject to destiny. So I thought it wiser to put up a note of remembrance and continue writing after gathering the right words!

In recent past I read someone telling that telepathy and intuitions is one and the same thing.

Well every person lives in more than four dimensions at the same time. 3 dimensions (3D) we all are familiar with – are the visible ones. Fourth one is invisible - Time. It could be explained in more than many ways. To start with – Every person lives in past, present and future at the same time. I know it sounds clumsy but not for long.

When one is physically in present, his/her subconscious may take a journey to time. Every person will have different speed of travel & experience depending upon their samskars (karmas of previous births). Thus few people have intense experiences as compared to the others. Once subconscious takes a journey to future, experiences begin. One may call them intuitions.

Telepathy is a much different phenomena. If Heavens allow, I would discus it in some forthcoming article!

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  1. Telepathy and intuition are definitely different concepts, and need empirical investigation.

    There is no doubt that human life encompasses more than 3 visible dimensions.


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