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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

समीक्षा (Midway Analysis) – संवत 2064

आज जब मैं आने वाले वर्षों के लिए भारत का भविष्य देख रहा था तो सोचा कि एक नजर इस वर्ष पर दोबारा डाली जाए। इस वर्ष घटित बहुत सी घटनाएं आगामी वर्षों के लिए नींव का काम करेंगी।

A Year where economy in general is growing yet full of agitations, riots, uneasiness amongst common man, as I could foresee the samwat 2064!

* Nandigram – Face of political interests in India
* UP triple Bomb blast
* Bomb blast at Ajmer Sharif
* Blasts in Hyderabad
* Kidnapping & murder of school children
* A new devil in hands of crime world – Internet & the Net-friends
* Assam
* and yet again Punjab

* Sensex touching new heights that too in record time and now fallin too.

On one hand India will get into some major agreements related to business and finances with its neighbours, on other peace talks may take some hit but erotic behaviours from few countries, Bangladesh & Pakistan in particular!

* Emergency in Pakistan & Bangladesh are no hidden facts!
* New route for terrorists – Nepal & Bangladesh

किंतु अब समय है एक और महत्त्वपूर्ण बात सच होने का। कई देशों के राजनैतिक समीकरण बहुत तेज़ी से बदलेंगे। और ऐसा मै काफ़ी समय से इशारों में कह रहा हूँ।

* Recent developments in relations with China & Malasiya are just hints of things to expect.
* Army build up in North East by China

In sports, Indians are all ready to lift few trophies, awards to get attention and recognition world over.

* Football: On August 29, India beat Syria to win the Nehru Cup
* Hockey: On Sept 9, India thrash South Korea 7-2 to become Asian Champions
* Cricket: On Sept 24, Dhoni’s devils lift T20 world championship
* Chess: On Sept 30, Vishwanathan Anand becomes world champion

May I use my column to warn respective sports authorities to be alert enough so that there success tastes are not bitter by unfolded scandals etc!

* Hockey win eclipsed by overlooking the victory and giving due honour too late
* ICL rising is result of BCCI denying telecast-rights to Zee despite higher bids! Do I need to mention that politicians are running for BCCI not for game but for the funds it involves!
* Vishwanathan Anand turning down honours by president of India!

जल्द ही नज़र डालेंगे आगामी वर्षों के भारत पर।

संबंधित लेख –बदलती ग्रह स्थिति, बदलते समीकरण
India: Visible Trends of Samwat 2064 (Year 2007 – 2008)

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