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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who needs an Astrologer?

The answer is very simple No one yet everyone!

Unless the purpose of meeting an astrologer is well defined, the meeting could be a failure. And what that purpose should be?

Is it - “How can I change my destiny?”
Is it “How can I live better within the framework of destiny?”

There is very thin line separating the two but that becomes a determining factor.

If you are visiting astrologer to “change” your destiny, I must tell “Sorry you are visiting the wrong one!” Must find the Almighty and “ASK” HIM to do so. It is HE who made the “Law of Nature” and He himself abides by it whenever in Human body.

If destiny can’t be changed, then why visit an Astrologer asking the “unchangeable” and waste “valuable” time & money.

The answer is simple – To exercise “freewill” (karmas) in right direction. The title line of my blog tells – “Our past karmas bring us to a crossroad, choosing one is karma (exercising freewill), and the journey on the chosen path is the Destiny” Only an astrologer foresee the path of life and the crossroads ahead!

The answer is very simple No one yet everyone!

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  1. Beautifully versed, it puts so much in perspective


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